Spin Me Round Records

Welcome to my humble little record store where I will do my best to help you with all your music needs

I have new and used vinyl (records to some of you), cd's, cassettes, dvd's, shirts and more available

New items will be added all the time

All prices are in US dollars but contact me directly and we'll work out a deal!!!

Enough of the boring stuff...on with the show!!

Record Store Day items new update coming soonish - still taking requests

LPs, 10" & 12" vinyl in stock as of jul.16.19 more updates coming

7" vinyl in stock as of jul.16.19

cd's in stock as of jul.16.19 more updates coming all the time

Christmas Releases in stock as of jul.16.19

cassettes in stock as of jun.26.19 big update in progress

blu-ray & dvd's in stock as of jul.05.19 more updates coming 

t-shirts new update coming soon...maybe later...trying to take the photos

other items in stock as of jul.07.19 updates from time to time!!!

working on...slowly...very slowly...

our mascot

I do take requests so let me know what you are looking for and I will see what I can get for you

I can be contacted at spinmeround@rogers.com

I ship worldwide!!

Let me know where you are and I will send you a quote of air mail, registered mail and surface mail whenever possible

I am based in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. I can work with local pick-up


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